Our key program for licensed Teen Drivers is SmartDrive Classic, a state-approved online Motor Vehicle Accident Protection Program certified by the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles and Delaware’s Office of the Insurance Commissioner.

During each Academic Year, SmartDrive visits high schools across Delaware, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and in the suburban counties of Southeastern Pennsylvania to engage all students in Teen Driver and Passenger safety programs –

SmartDrive DWI: Driving With Intelligence – a 40 minute auditorium program with important and current information on the dangers teens face in motor vehicles, both as drivers and passengers.  This program is presented in cooperation with local, county and state law enforcement offices with their School Resource Officers or Community Outreach program to provide understanding of traffic laws, roadside traffic stops and next-of-kin notifications.

SmartDrive – Distraction & Reaction (and Impairment, too!) – an outdoor activites program provided to high schools, typically coordinated with in-school driver training or highway safety programs. The activites can include:

  • SmartCart – Hands-on Distraction Demonstration using a specially modified Golf Cart) on a figure-8 course
  • Impairment Baggo – backyard bean-bag games seem easy, but when the alcohol or marijuana impairment goggles go on, who knows where the bags may go.
  • SmartKarts – Four wheeled pedal karts must navigate a narrow path through cones while drivers wear alcohol or marijuana impairment goggles.
  • Scavenger Hunt – Students, working in pairs, are challenged to locate all the key controls, equipment, and maintenance items on a vehicle.

SmartDrive PROMISE – A spring semester program asking the each member student body of a participating high school to make an online pledge to be SmartDrivers or Passengers, and to share that pledge with their Parents.  Winning schools and student organizations/leadership teams are rewarded with cash prizes based on the percentage of the student body who make the SmartDrive PROMISE.