The mission of the SmartDrive Foundation is simply this:
To reduce loss of life and property in senseless motor vehicle crashes through intensive and interactive defensive driving skill development for Teen Drivers.

SmartDrive serve students and their families across Delaware, Maryland’s Eastern Shore, and suburban Southeastern Pennsylvania – we will often speak of Delaware when providing examples for our learning programs.

Key among them are these facts:

  • The State of Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles issues more than  30,000 Graduated Drivers Licenses each year to Teen Drivers between the ages of 16-19.
  • These Teen Drivers, if they completed the Driver Education Programs mandated in all Delaware schools – public, private and even for the home schooled – received approximately 50 total hours of classroom and on-the-road training before getting their “blue cards,” making them eligible to obtain a driver’s license on their 16th birthday.
  • With the new license, began first Graduated Driver License (GDL) requirement, starting with the six month Parent Supervised Driving Period. During this time,  Parents, or a designated adult over the age of 25, must have documented in a driving log, 50 hours of supervised behind-the-wheel driving for their newly licensed Teen Driver.
    That driving log, when complete, is to be returned to the Driver Education teacher or Delaware Department of Education.
    The approval you gave for your student to enroll in SmartDrive Classic indicated that the six month Parent Supervised Driving Period is  completed.
  • Those 30,000 new Teen Drivers each year join more than 800,000 already licensed Delaware drivers already on the state’s busy roads and highways.
Busy Delaware Highway
CREDIT: Delaware Highway, Creative Commons License

PARENTS – Welcome to SmartDrive!

SmartDrive thanks you for taking an important step in encouraging your Teen Driver to become a safe SmartDriver. For many Parents, there are fewer greater moments of concern than the first time that Parent hands the keys over to your Teen Driver.

Further, it takes a lot of courage for a Parent to sit in the front seat of that vehicle with your new Teen Driver at the wheel, emotions and adrenaline surging and wondering how everyone will get through the 50 hours of mandatory driving without sacrificing life, limb, property or relationships?

Now that your Teen Driver is driving on their own, SmartDrive Classic provides them with the opportunity to refresh the safe driving knowledge they gained during their Driver Education class along with what they have learned from you during the GDL Parent Supervised Driving period.

At SmartDrive, we hope to foster an ongoing dialogue with your Teen Driver, not just as a newly licensed or permitted driver, but continuing in the years as they gain experience behind the wheel.

In our view, driving impacts us all, we should constantly strive to stay on top of the driving trends to improve our skills. SmartDrive urges to follow us on social media – Facebook and Twitter, where we post news and vital information for new and experienced drivers daily.

One of the ties that binds us all is the fact that we each have a Teen Driving story — that emotional scar from a terrible crash that involved a family member, friend or schoolmate.  The SmartDrive goal is to eliminate that terrible memory, that scar, for upcoming generations. Thank you for participating in this program with your Teen Driver, and welcome aboard!

For completing this module and quiz, your Teen Driver will receive up to 100 bonus points. Those points count toward your Teen Driver’s total score in the annual SmartDrive scholarship program.