2020 has been a most unusual year.

One thing that has not changed – teen deaths in motor vehicle crashes.
In the first 10 months of 2020 – 10 teens have died on Delaware roadways.

High Schools in Delaware are invited to participate in the SmartDrive Click4Life campaign to encourage Teen Drivers AND Passengers to BUCKLE UP • EVERY TRIP • EVERY TIME

THE REASON: Given the toll on Delaware roads this year, had more of those teens been BUCKLED UP – they had a 50/50 chance of surviving those crashes.

THE GOAL: SmartDrive asks School Administrators to select a student group to lead this 10 day service project to observe, educate and re-observe their students peers – both drivers and passengers – with the goal of improving seat belt use among all the students at your school.

This service project meets requirements set by national student leadership programs including SADD, BPA, DECA, FCCLA, HOSA, NHS and others – and works for in-school, hybrid and fully remote situation.

Student Organizations - Click4Life Seat Belt Campaign

The student group in a school will be eligible for cash awards to student groups based on the following criteria:

  1. Submission of Seat Belt Use Observation/60 second survey sheets from the week before the Education/Information/Pledge campaign
  2. The percentage of the student body members who make the online Click4Life Pledge to BUCKLE UP • EVERY TRIP • EVERY TIME
  3. Submission of Seat Belt Use Observation/60 second survey sheets from the week following the Education/Information/Pledge campaign

Here are the links to download the Click4Life campaign materials –
How to Download – Windows Users – right click on the link to download the file – Mac OS Users – Control + Click on the link

School Participation Agreement – Download here

2020 Click4Life Program Guidelines – Download here

Click4Life Seat Belt Education Card – SAMPLE FRONT & BACK – SD_-C4L_Education_Cards_FRONT_BACK

Seat Belt Use Parking Lot Observation Form – Click4Life Parking Lot Observation Forms OPTIMIZED

60 Second Seat Belt Survey Form – Click4Life-60-Second-Survey-2-UP

Buckle Up Jingle – BUCKLE UP JINGLE (lyrics)  https://youtu.be/mSqGHo32BGI  (video – 1964)

Links to Teen Seat Belt PSAs (video) – Links to Teen Seat Belt Videos


CALL SMART DRIVE – 302.463.6543 (7 am – 10 pm)

or SEND EMAIL to info@smartdriveusa.org