Parents of Young Drivers – Nothing is more frightening than the first time your young driver takes the wheel.

  • Will they be safe?
  • Are they ready?
  • Am I ready?

Those feelings never really go away… remember from your own experience – becoming and staying a Smart Driver is a lifelong commitment to learning.

At SmartDrive, we share your concerns. So, to help young drivers continually improve their skills to be safer on the road, we offer several online and in-school activities and courses:

SmartDrive Classic

Online Defensive Driving Course (BASIC) geared to Young (Less Experienced) Drivers

SmartDrive PROMise

A Teen Highway Safety awareness program timed to precede the annual Spring excitement of Prom and Graduation events

SmartDrive DWI: Driving with Intelligence

Delaware High School and Community group assembly presentations presented in cooperation with local Law Enforcement Agencies

SmartDrive Distraction & Reaction

Hands-on Driving Behavior and Impairment demonstration programs at Delaware high schools.

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These courses were developed by education and highway safety professionals

They are reviewed and improved each year to improve these program each year to meet the needs to educate and motivate young drivers to operate at a higher level, demonstrating greater responsibility and maturity before and during every second they are behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

SmartDrive offers incentives to young drivers to encourage participation in SmartDrive Classic, our online course, and other activities.

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Please encourage your young driver to participate …

… not just for the prizes but because SmartDrive will help him or her to “drive smart” for life. Driving is the one skill every student will use every day for the rest of his/her life. Isn’t it worth improving these skills every chance they can.

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