SmartDrive wants all high school students – both drivers and non-drivers – to PROMise to be safe and smart during your school’s upcoming Prom and Graduation events and through the 100 Deadliest Days for Teens each year between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

The SmartDrive PROMise for Safety

  • I will not drive when impaired – meaning distracted, drowsy, drugged or drunk
  • I will not ride with a driver who is impaired
  • I will always use my seat belt
  • I will promote safety around motor vehicles with my friends and family
  • I will discuss this PROMise with my parents and we will agree that I will contact them if I am in an unsafe situation

SmartDrive collects the following information from each student: Student Name, Student School, Student Grade, Student Driver License Status, Student’s Email or Student Mobile Number, Parent/Guardian Name, Parent/Guardian Email or Mobile Number.  This information is held securely in compliance with our Privacy Policy. Parent contact information is required for all students making the SmartDrive PROMise.