SmartDrive PROMise

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Teen Drivers AND Passengers –
make the PROMISE to avoid the four D‘s –
Distracted, Drowsy, Drugged and Drunk Driving

SmartDrive, encourages all High School-aged students (Grades 9-12) in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania to make the SmartDrive PROMISE for driver and passenger safety, and to be faithful to their pledge.

Students MUST provide both their own name and email address, AND the name and email address or mobile phone number for your Parent/Guardian*.

*-If your Parent/Guardian does not have an email address or mobile phone, please send a message to (or text to 302.463.6543) to make alternative arrangements.

The SmartDrive PROMISE for Safety

  • I will always wear a seat belt, as a driver or a passenger
  • I will give driving my full attention when I am behind the wheel
  • I will not use my cell phone or text message when I am behind the wheel
  • I will share my safe driving knowledge with my family and friends
  • I will not drive when I am impaired by alcohol, drugs, drowsiness or distraction
  • I will be respectful and cooperative when a passenger
  • I will not be a distraction to the driver
  • I will not ride with an impaired driver
  • I will call my parents if I am in a situation that threatens my safety
Make Your SmartDrive PROMise – NOW!

*- SmartDrive will collect the following information from each student: Student First Name, Student Last Name, Student’s Email, Parent/Guardian First Name, Parent/Guardian Last Name, Parent/Guardian Email or Mobile Telephone Number.  SmartDrive collects this information securely in compliance with our Privacy Policy. Parent contact information is required for all students.

PROMise information for School Administrators