A state-certified Defensive Driving Program [BASIC] for Teen Drivers

SmartDrive Classic is certified by the Delaware Office of the Insurance Commissioner and Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles. This online course is currently available at no charge to high school students in Delaware, Maryland’s Eastern Shore and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Your Parent/Guardian must provide their approval for you enrollment.  This is to comply with state laws and federal Children’s Internet Protection Act regulations.  Read on to see the additional benefits you can gain by completing SmartDrive Classic.

Defensive Driving

Delaware Enrollees

Completion of the three LESSONS will provide students with a Certificate of Completion that when provided to their automobile insurance carrier, will provide a state-mandated 10% on the student’s premiums for bodily injury liability coverage, property damage liability coverage, and personal injury protection coverage for three years. Additionally, the student will receive a 3-point credit on their DMV Drivers Record, also good for three years, however, this credit will not remove and points already on the student’s Driver Record.  Delaware Code Title 18, Chapter 600, Section 607.

The three LESSONS require a minimum engagement period of 120 minutes each – this is a state requirement. The SmartDrive Classic CORE LESSONS need not be completed in a single six hour session.

All students must sign an online statement stating that only they, the student, completed the three LESSONS without any assistance. Providing assistance to the student in completing the CORE LESSONS will invalidate the Certificate of Completion and may subject the student and/or parent/guardian to civil and criminal penalties per Delaware Code Title 21, Chapter 37, Section 2752.

Maryland and Pennsylvania Enrollees

Will also receive the Certificate of Completion after completing the CORE LESSONS, however discount eligibility varies in these states – please check with your automobile insurance carrier for their Defensive Driving discount programs. Nevertheless, studies show the more cognitive and hands-on preparation for driving a student has, the better driver they become.

All students must sign an online affidavit stating that only they,  the student, completed the three LESSONS without any assistance. Providing assistance to the student in completing the three LESSONS will invalidate the Certificate of Completion and may result in loss of the students’ license and liabilities for the Parent/Guardian/Sponsor who approves the student enrollment.

Insurance Discounts

Students licensed by the State of Delaware, will, upon completing the three SmartDrive Classic Lessons and associated Quizzes, become eligible for a 10% discount on the insurance coverage costs for a period of three years as required under Delaware laws.  See Delaware Code Title 18, Chapter 600, Section 607Click this link for information on these savings.

Students who are licensed in other states should contact their insurance provider to learn if they would be eligible for any “Defensive Driving” discounts as a result of their completion of SmartDrive Classic.

Shows Personal Responsibility

Students who complete defensive driving courses demonstrate an understanding of personal responsibility – and that looks great on a college application or resume when seeking a job.

SmartDrive Classic – Scholarship and Prizes

SmartDrive Classic is also a Scholarship contest program. Quiz scores from the three LESSONS (maximum 100 points each), the PARENT LESSON (maximum 100 points), and the ESSAY submission (maximum 200 points) are combined – with the one (1) student gaining the highest total score in each of SmartDrive’s service regions receiving a cash scholarship award to be used for their post-secondary education expenses.

To qualify for these scholarships, students must complete the three LESSONS, have a parent complete the PARENT LESSON, and submit an ESSAY on a specified topic before April 30th of each academic year.

Scholarships and other prizes are award in May, and must be acknowledged by June 30th.

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