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Are going offline for our annual Summer Tune-Up on July 1, 2018
Courses must be complete on June 30.

Enrollments will NOT carry over.
Both courses will come back on line in August 2018.



A state-certified defensive driving course for high school students who already hold a driver license or permit, AND have completed the supervised driving period as required under state Graduated Driver License guidelines (typically a six month period).  This course consists of three (3) two-hour online lessons.

As SmartDrive will collect personal information as part of your enrollment, your parent/guardian/sponsor must approve your enrollment.


♦ School Administrators
♦ Parent Student Teacher Organizations
♦ Student Organizations

SmartDrive is now scheduling school activities for Academic Year 2018-2019.

SmartDrive Click4Life seat belt use campaign in September-October 2018

SmartDrive DWI: Driving With Intelligence assembly programs pre-Holidays and during Prom and Graudation periods

SmartDrive PROMISE driver and passenger safety campaign in March-April 2019.

NEW: $$$Cash Awards$$$ to Student Organizations leading the Click4Life and PROMISE campaigns in their schools.