Due to staffing limitations, enrolled students in both
SMARTDRIVE CLASSIC for high school students and
SMARTDRIVE U for Wilmington University must submit
help requests by using this HELP REQUEST FORM.

SmartDrive is dedicated to helping new teen drivers excel in all phases of their driving experience. That’s why we are making it easy for you to learn important driving skills and behaviors with a new series of educational videos, “DWI: Driving With Intelligence”. Please enjoy this latest episode in our “DWI: Driving with Intelligence” impaired driving series. The first episode, along with our other informative video presentations can be viewed by clicking here for our video page.



High School enrolled Teen Drivers –
Have your Driver License?
Completed your first 6 month GDL period?
Then request enrollment NOW for SmartDrive Classic to improve your behind the wheel knowledge and skills – and there is a 10% discount on your insurance for three years (Delaware only)


SmartDriveU is state-certified defensive driving course offered at no charge to WilmU students, staff and faculty. If you hold a Delaware driver license, completion of this 6-hour course will gain you a 10% discount on auto insurance for three years.