When a student has completed the first three lessons of SmartDrive Classic, a certificate will be issued to the student and sent via email.

Once received, take the Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Program

[Defensive Driving (BASIC)] course completion certificate to your automobile insurance provider/agent to gain any available discounts on the cost of coverage for the student having completed the program.

Delaware Insurance Discounts

In Delaware, state law mandates a discount of up to 10% on the cost of both Liability and Collision coverages for the person that has completed the program.  The duration of the insurance discount is three (3) years from the date the course was completed.

SmartDrive will also report the completion of Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Program [Defensive Driving (BASIC)] to the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles where a 3-point credit will be posted to that person’s Driver Record.  This point credit WILL NOT remove any previous point assessments on that persons Driver Record.  The 3-point credit will also appear on the Driver Record for three (3) years.

To renew/increase discounts, the student will have to complete a Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Program (ADVANCED). These programs are not currently offered through SmartDrive.

Maryland/Pennsylvania Discounts

In Maryland and Pennsylvania there are no state mandated discounts, however, most drivers will be eligible for a defensive driving discount on auto insurance. However, policies may vary depending on individual insurance companies. Some will limit discounts to those who are mature drivers or teenage drivers, but others offer discounts to drivers of all ages. It’s best to contact your insurance company to determine your eligibility.