SmartDrive, encourages students in all Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania High Schools to make the SmartDrive PROMise for safety, both as drivers and passengers, and to be faithful to their pledge through the Prom and Graduation periods.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Students MUST provide both their own name and email address, AND the name and email address for your Parent/Guardian.
If your Parent/Guardian does not have an email address, please send a message to to make alternative arrangements.

The SmartDrive PROMISE for Safety

  • I will not drive when impaired – distracted, drowsy, drugged or drunk
  • I will not ride with an impaired driver
  • I will always wear my seat belt
  • I will promote safe driving habits with my friends and family
  • I will discuss this PROMise with my parents and agree to contact them if I am in a situation that threatens my safety.