The Four A’s –

In the past, some have called the topics in this lesson Aggression, Alcohol, Accidents and Awareness.  The Four A’s – kind of catchy…

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More accurately we will be reviewing two A’s – Aggression and Alcohol, a pair of C’s – Collisions and Crashes, and the big D – Distractions.

Most calamities involving motor vehicles are the result of one or more destructive decisions made by the driver behind the wheel, or passengers who keep the driver from maintaining their full attention on their primary task behind the wheel – driving defensively – in a safe and smart manner.

In this LESSON, the issue of Aggression behind the wheel will be viewed from the perspective of a driver encountering an Aggressive Driver, and way to keep yourself from falling into the Aggression Trap behind the wheel. An example would be driving under duress, such as running late or being in an upset or other emotional state will also impair you and turn a SmartDriver into an aggressive driver.

Alcohol – Driving Under the Influence – “DUI” and Driving While Impaired – “DWI.”  We all should know that any use of alcohol by and person of the age of 21 is illegal. There will be a general review of the potential civil and criminal penalties drivers, and underage passengers in a vehicle may face, if found to be “DUI” or even in simple possession of alcohol or other intoxicants.

Collisions and Crashes are too often called accidents.  Accidents is a term that has come into everyday use because it assigns no blame.

However, in the real world, almost 99 times out of 100, one or more drivers involved in a crash or collision made mistakes that lead to the crash. One of the goals of this lesson to show you how to be prepared and what to know a crash or collision occurs.  Also, when the worst does happen and you find yourself involved in a motor vehicle collision, what you must know to stay safe and protect yourself and others involved in the crash.

When a driver, use of the term “Awareness” is better thought of as Avoiding Distractions behind the wheel. This topic will review ways for you to maintain focus, staying alert, controlling your driving environment and encouraging you to stay at your best each time you take the wheel.