Awareness – or in other words, Avoiding Distraction

Awareness is knowledge that you gain through paying attention to everything going on around you, and by processing that information. It is important to be attentive to every detail when driving. the enemy of Awareness for drivers is Distraction.

Distractions like eating, text messaging, talking on the cell phone, doing makeup, shaving, singing, talking to passengers, being excited or upset can all distract you from your driving mission and negatively impact your awareness.

Don't Be THAT Driver

We all need constant reminders that attentive driving is at the top of the list of the right habits to adopt. This is even more important at holiday, vacation and prom time when other drivers are less business like and in a partying mood. Add to that the effects of mood, alcohol, drugs, fatigue or other distractions and you have the perfect opportunity for tragic results.

These messages are universal –

Cell phone use:

CREDIT: Jomön Valayathil, Don’t Use Phone While Driving

Eating while driving:

CREDIT: Intelligence For Your Life, Dangers of Eating & Driving

And let’s not forget, Personal Grooming while driving:

CREDIT: Marc Isken, Please Don’t Make Up & Drive

Now let’s put a number of distractions together into a perfect storm of Destructive Decisions.

DuPont, a Wilmington, Delaware-based company, has been a global leader in safety programs for nearly a century. One of their divisions, Coastal Training, developed the “Driven to Distraction II” video to train not only their employees, but through a gift to the SmartDrive Foundation, Teen Drivers and their families, as well.

CREDIT: Coastal Training, Driven to Distraction II

Moving to close this discussion of Distracted Driving, we will share Jacy Good’s story.

CREDIT: National Transportation Safety Board, Jacy Good – Victim of Distracted Driving

And here is what happened when the cast members of “Summer Break” met Jacy.

CREDIT: SummerBreak #It Can Wait, Wait for it… this could save your life

The message is simple and clear. Distraction and the impact it has on drivers is DANGEROUS and can be nothing less than DEADLY. The responsibility for maintaining a Driver’s attention and awareness belongs not only to the driver, but also to any passengers that are also in the vehicle.

Avoid Distracted Driving