Attention SmartDrivers – this wraps up Lesson 3 – Mastering the Driving Challenge.

You will now go on to take two(!) Quizzes – the first reviews Lesson 3, and the second is an overall review of what you have learned through SmartDrive Classic.

By successfully completing SmartDrive Classic Lessons 1, 2 and 3, you will qualify for the Certificate of Completion of a Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention (Defensive Driving) BASIC Course.  SmartDrive Classic has been certified by both the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the Delaware Office of the Insurance Commissioner (DOI).

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After SmartDrive receives notice of your course completion, the Drivers License information your parent/guardian submitted for you when they approved your enrollment will be submitted to the Delaware DMV for verification.

Once SmartDrive has the verification from the DMV, your certificate will be sent to you and your parent/guardian as a PDF document at the email addresses provided when you enrolled in SmartDrive Classic. Please remember to keep at least one copy of your certificate, as SmartDrive cannot replace a certificate once it has been issued.

You can take this certificate to your family’s auto insurance provider to qualify for discounts given to those who complete a state-certified Defensive Driving program.

In Delaware, insurance companies are mandated (required by law) to provide 10% discount on liability coverage for the person who has completed this course.

Additionally, Delaware drivers will receive a 3 point “credit” on their DMV driving record. This “credit” does not erase any points you may have already accumulated on your driving record, but it will be a credit against future minor violations.

Both the Insurance Discount and the DMV “points credit” are valid for three (3) years from the date of issue of your Certificate of Completion.

To make sure your insurance discount does not expire, you must complete a Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention (Defensive Driving) ADVANCED Course with 180 days prior to the expiration of your BASIC certification.

In Delaware, drivers who complete the ADVANCED Course are eligible to have their liability discount increased to 15%, by law.

SmartDrive does not offer an ADVANCED Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course at this time.

Now – on to the Quiz for Lesson 3 – Mastering the Driving Challenge