You wouldn’t leave home without doing a few personal hygiene chores, and we should think of our vehicles similarly.

Automobiles and other motor vehicles require regular attention and care as well. Filling the gas tank, is not enough.

Do you know:

  • You can be cited for being in an accident due to malfunctioning brakes?
  • You can be cited for not properly cleaning your vehicle when it snows or for NOT using headlights or wipers?
  • You CAN be cited for lights that are out or turn signals that don’t work?

Here are videos created by students at at Sussex Tech in Georgetown, DE to help you with your pre-drive checks.

CREDIT: SmartDrive Foundation/Sussex Technical High School, Fluid Checks

CREDIT: SmartDrive Foundation/Sussex Technical High School, Tire Pressure

Here’s a checklist to remind you of things to check on your vehicle before a long trip (many of them are also good everyday checks!)

CREDIT: Rob Adams, How to Check Your Car Before a Roadtrip

Remember, it is always best to check you ride before you start out for the day. That extra ten minutes spent making sure everything is OK, could save you aggravation, some cash, and most importantly, your life and the lives of others in your vehicle.

BOTTOMLINE: As a driver, it is your responsibility to be sure the vehicle you are going to operate is safe and ready to go. You may say “I don’t own the car,” or “My parent really takes care of everything,” but you are in charge when you are behind the wheel, and it is your responsibility to check the vehicle each time – and let the owner or your parents know that something could be wrong and to get it fixed.