Despite your best efforts, it is inevitable that at some point, every driver will face a problem on the roadway. Here are some tips on how to handle a flat tire and other emergencies when they arise.

Flat Tires

Here are basic tire changing instructions –

CREDIT: SaabUSA, How To Change Your Tire Alone

As mentioned in this video, you may need to refer to the Owner’s Manual that came with the vehicle to locate the spare tire and the necessary tools. Ideally it will be found in glove box. If you don’t know for certain where the owner’s manual is in the vehicles you drive, make sure to ask your parent or the owner of the car and then check for yourself to confirm where it is located.

Calling for roadside assistance was also mentioned in the video. In addition to auto clubs like AAA, many automobile insurance policies and even some credit cards offer roadside assistance. In almost all cases however, you will be asked to present a membership identification card in your name before service will be provided. If you do not have this information, the roadside assistance option may not be available to you.

Other Behind the Wheel Emergencies

As the driver of a vehicle, do you know the correct ways to respond to behind the wheel emergencies?
SmartDrive offers thanks to the American and Canadian Automobile Associations for this information.

Credit: AAA/Knowlera Media LLC

Have you every over- or under-steered going into a curve or turn and felt the rear of the vehicle “break loose.”  What is happening is a “skid” – here is a tip to help you recover control:

CREDIT: CAA South Central Ontario – How to Drive Out of a Skid

Checking your tires’ air pressure and condition at least weekly will give you confidence that your car can handle most driving situations safely.   Failure to check tires regularly can increase the potential for slow leaks and even a tire blowout.

Credit: AAA/Knowlera Media LLC

Another behind the wheel emergency you may encounter, especially on narrow roads and roads without shoulders if having the tires on the passenger (right) side of the car drop off the pavement.

Credit: AAA/Knowlera Media LLC

We will wrap-up this Topic with this information on how to deal with a stuck accelerator.

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