Driving Safety programs aimed at Teen Drivers like to keep things memorable – as we are trying to make an impression on the students that they can actually relate to.

One such method is employing a familiar term in new ways. We like to use “The 4-D’s” as an easy way to remember the four dangers a driver can bring with them when they get behind the wheel:

Distractions   Drowsiness   Drinking   Drugs

We will review DISTRACTIONS in this part of the lesson.  Distraction can effect the abilities of ALL Drivers, not just Teen Drivers, to be safe drivers.  This is a very serious and common risk factor – and we will devote a fair amount of time to this Topic.

Long before cell phones and iPods, drivers were being distracted by

  • Advertising signs and other roadside objects,
  • Other people in the car,
  • Tuning the radio to get that fuzzy station to sound better – or using a CB radio to find those Smokies,
  • Eating and drinking while driving – especially with a manual transmission and no cup holders!

There have been and will continue to be, many sources of distractions for all drivers, Adults and Teens alike.

Several years ago, Coastal, a training arm of DuPont, donated the following video to The SmartDrive Foundation in support of our mission to improve Teen Driver Safety. We are gratified to have it as it tells a fantastic story which will make you think about your own behavior as well as your child’s. The video is Driven to Distraction II.

CREDIT: Coastal Training, Driven to Distraction II

To close this discussion of Distracted Driving, we will share Jacy Good’s story.

CREDIT: National Transportation Safety Board, Jacy Good – Victim of Distracted Driving

We can not emphasize this enough. DISTRACTION IS DEADLY TO DRIVERS (and passengers, other drivers and pedestrians, highway and public safety workers…)

Avoid Distracted Driving

CREDIT: Avoid Distracted Driving