Things you should consider…before you start your engines…

In this lesson, we began with a discussion of defensive driving and remembering this simple concept — F O C U S.

F – Feel your best.

O – Observe your surroundings.

C – Concentrate fully on the task at hand.

U – Use your common sense.

S – Stay in control.

Technique and experience play a huge role as well in driving not only defensively, but safely and well. Driving can be many things — it can get us to work or school, or to a doctor, it can take us on a vacation, or a great adventure. It can be a career or a hobby. For many, the ability to drive and be in control of one’s destiny is the key to freedom.

Our purpose in this online course is not only to reinforce technique and law, but also to make you aware of those things that can make driving life changing, often destructive, and possibly deadly.

Be Safe.  Be Smart. Be a SmartDriver.